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peri steak burger

Everyday we strive to create the best burgers possible using the freshest and best ingredients we can.

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Our Restaurant

We have spend time perfecting our unique blend of traditional spices and exclusive products, as well as refining and improving our innovative cooking processes. Our meals are made from quality ingredients and the great taste comes from the SECRET SAUCES that set our products apart, from our competitors.

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Great Flavors

shawarma Gyro Machine

Doner Kebab

Gourmet doner kebab made using premium lean meats, served in handmade toasted breads with signature sauces.


burger on white ceramic plate

beef cheese

On a hot, buttered grill, we smash down, sealing in the flavours & caramelising the burger, making it the juiciest, tastiest burger on the planet.


waffle with cream on white ceramic plate

grilled chicken wrap

Grill chicken fillet with lettuce, cucumber, tomato and peri sauce.


white ceramic plate

crispy chicken wrap

Crispy chicken fillet with fresh lettuce, cucumber, tomato.


We Believe

Food Is Important

Our menu has been created to meet the needs of everyone. Only the finest ingredients are used. We only utilise the finest and freshest ingredients at Uzmania Restaurant.


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